IKONICFOX is a boutique content creator and brand management agency. Our mission is to help you lead in your space through streamlined strategy, digital marketing support, and creating content that tells your story.


IKONICFOX (n): “FOX” is the last name of founders Ashley + Jared // “IKONIC” is something we strive to help each brand and creator achieve.



Ashley Fox

7+ years running digital advertising campaigns, deploying social media marketing strategies, art direction, content creation, and a love of telling your unique story..



The real MVP of this team. A four year old Boston Terrier, with big, brown eyes, an oversized tongue, and a gremlin scream, he is one of a kind and completely ikonic.


Jared Fox

9+ years running digital advertising campaigns, overseeing the implementation of multi-million dollar ad campaigns globally. Jared’s expertise in the AdTech space, mixed with his creative mind, make him an unmatched branding visionary.

When you work with IKONICFOX, you work directly with us, The Foxes. We are going to be in it with you, as if your baby is our baby (or our dog, but you get the idea). As your brand evolves, our strategy and support will too - we are here to navigate it with you.